Steps of Making Slatwall Floor Stand

The headset has become an increasingly important product for people to play with. It can not only send music at any time, but also block out the surrounding noise.

In the office, users can also keep their ears clear, more focused work with music. There are a variety of headsets on the market, how to make a decision to buy the most suitable headphones can be referred to the following four points. 

1. Woodworking Section

Determine the structure.

According to the production drawings of the showcase, select the material and determine the structure.

2. Die-Cut Stage

The cutting master will separate the panel as per size of each board, and then start the nailing process.

3. Edge band

Each separate part of board will be edge banded with PVC edge band, the maximum height of edge band is 5 cm and the thickness always comes 1 mm.

4. Assemble

We will assemble a pre-production sample to check the sizes, holes, accessories to see if anything need to modify.

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