Oval 4 Sides Slatwall Floor Merchandiser with Caster

The 62″ high exhibiting stands fits most slatwall accessories so that you can design your own product stand.

This unit is shipped knocked down flat in two cartons, ready to assemble quickly and easily.

colors are available in wood grain, solid color, etc.

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680-750 kgs per CBM




Knocked Down

Quantity of Slots

11 slots

This slatwall fixture features four walls of display space along with 4 wheels at the bottom, which you can move it at your convenience. Although it takes up minimal floor space, this slatwall display actually provides you with 47 square feet of display space! The slatwall board has grooves in its surface to hold a variety of accessories, like baskets, hooks and shelves. These accessories attach within seconds by hooking into the panel grooves in the mounting surface.

Because it is so easy to use, this slatwall fixture is a popular choice in stores, convention halls, hotels, and travel bureaus. As a store fixture, it can hold a selection of merchandise, like clothing, sporting goods, candy, product samples and more. You can also use this it as an advertising and other printed materials for distribution. As such a versatile display fixture, this slatwall fixture will look great wherever you put it!

  • Easy remove with wheels.
  • White with aluminum inserts.
  • High density MDF board.
  • Customized slot pitch of each slatwall board.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Free sample available.
  • Flexible MOQ.
  • Fast lead time.


Procedure of Slatwall Display Stand

  • Woodworking section: Determine the structure

According to the production drawings of the showcase, select the material and determine the structure

  • Die-Cut stage.

The cutting master will separate the panel as per size of each board, and then start the nailing process.

  • Edge band

Each separate part of board will be efge banded with PVC edge band.

  • Assemble

We will assemble a pre-production sample to check the sizes, holes, accessories to see if anything need to modify.

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