Top Ten Useful Tips Before Buying Slatwall Display Equipment

Brief Introduction

According to different usage scenarios, there are many types of  display equipments. If you don’t distinguish the specific types, the display equipment you bought may be inappropriate. Apparently the most common classification are indoor and outdoor store fixtures. 

The material are different due to multi environment, for instance you need water-resist board in outdoor environment, which means MDF is forbidden in outdoor usage.

What's in this PDF about slatwall display?

We have ten years’ experience in the display equipment industry. We are well aware of the various problem in this industry. We complied this PDF information, hoping to help you avoid losses. this PDF can help you:

  • Avoid being cheated on price.
  • Understand the impact of different material on price.
  • How to match different display equipment.
  • What is the procedure of make slatwall panel and slatwall display.
  • How to evaluate the quality of slatwall panel.
  • How to find the suitable metal accessories.
  • How to find suitable way of transportation as per multi package.

Yes, we have sorted out all the internal information without reservation. We really hope that our colleagues will never find this page.

Was it worthy to buy from China

China shares a giant percentage is HS code 940360, we made a brief schema to show you the annual export amount of goods in recently, you’ll know that China is a big market in export of these goods.


What's the top ten import countries from China

We had made a survey to see the top ten import countries from China as per HS code 940360 and they are America, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Rep. of Korea, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia. Details as follows:

America: $29.5 bn

Japan: $5.5 bn

 United Kingdom: $5.4 bn

Germany: $4.7 bn

Rep. of Korea: $4.2 bn

Australia: $4.2 bn

Canada: $3.7 bn

Singapore: $3.2 bn

Saudi Arabia: $3.0 bn

Malaysia: $2.9 bn

What can I get from Fairwill Display?

Besides the useful tips from the PDF file, we can support your business by provide you design, sample, moderate price, good communication, satisfied after sales service, etc.

As a white hair in store fixtures, together with our professional team, we believe we have the ability to assist you expand your business. We can support you by free quality sample, give away accessories and most importantly comfortable communication.

We believe, with us, your business in safe,

                                   your money in safe.


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Comments from our valued customers

client 1

Client A: Sweden xx Company Purchase Manager

this PDF is very useful. I used the suggestions provided here to successfully purchase excellent display equipment in China, I really appreciate the PDF provided by Fairwill Display.

client 2

Client B: American xx Company Director

To be honest, it was a terrible thing to purchase display equipment from China. I had to spent money to hire someone who was knowledgeable to help me purchase, until I got the PDF from Fairwill Display.

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